Official $ASVA BEP 20 Token contract address - 0x83d787203610b0737fec1cbb1aa581014009214d
Asva is Launching Phase 1 MVP Testnet on BSC soon!

Powering cross chain money market

DeFi and NFTs

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Why Asva Finance

Cross chain liquidity

Asva is a cross chain liquidity aggregator integrated with decentralized exchange liquidity pools across multiple blockchain networks

Cross chain swaps

asva enables cross-chain token swaps by integrating with DEXs from several blockchain networks including BSC, ETH and polkadot

Best yields

asva features cross chain yield aggregator that leverages DeFi protocols and tokenize the liquidity into across liquidity pools to maximize yields

Lend and borrow

asva aggregates top lending protocols to offer some of the best interest rates on lending and borrowing of crypto and synthetic assets

NFT auctions

asva proposes an auction model that supports multiples blockchain networks to trade digital collectibles in most secure way and also features increase liquidity for NFTs

Low transaction fee

The platform is built on the Polkadot network, a web 3.0 blockchain network that facilitates lower transactions fees.

Asva Powered Wallet with One Stop Defi Features

Built on polkadot infrastructure, asva has integrated with binance smart chain, and ethereum network to facilitate instant cross-chain asset trades, to deploy cross chain liquidity aggregation mechanisms, and to offer seamless yield farming in addition to lending on cryptos and synthetic assets. Asva also offers an intelligent platform to track all earnings in one place. The goal is to fuel DeFi to mainstream adoption with a one-stop DeFi solution.

Asva Redefining NFT Marketplace

Asva Finance has built a next-generation NFT ecosystem that unlocks the possibilities of mass adoption by offering efficient price-discovery mechanisms. By leveraging Polkadot’s infrastructure, the platform eases buying and selling of collectibles ranging from art and music to digital games and virtual world assets.

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The Product

Asva aims to meet the ever increasing demands of the DeFi and NFT market by building a robust and interoperable decentralized applications on Polkadot infrastructure

Asva deploys smart DeFi and NFT solutions to promote decentralized finance as well as the buying and selling of digital collectibles through auction and efficient price discovery features


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